Khun Thai Tea’s signature ice black tea recipe first began life at a humble push cart on the streets of Bangkok. Named “Cha-yen” in Thai, the recipe was first created in 1955 and was then later bought over by Mr Jeremy Lee. Mr Jeremy Lee has brought this recipe to the Philippines and handed over the recipe to Ms Nancy who opened the first shop out of Thailand under the hospice of Khun Thai Tea Shop Philippines in 2016.

Mr Jeremy Lee being a Singaporean then later bring its operations to Singapore naming Khun Thai Tea a Singapore brand under what is now Khun Thai Tea Global Pte Ltd where Singapore head office is the main point of contact for its regional operations, marketing and research and development expansion.

Since 2016 til now, Khun Thai Tea is in Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

Mr Jeremy Lee hopes to expand this business and share the authentic tea experience to more countries so that more people can taste the true thai tea experience. 

Founder and Co Founders of Khun Thai Tea

Mr Jeremy Lee (Co-Founder)
Ms Nancy Padilla (Co-Founder)  
Ms Elis Chai (Ex Co-Founder,….     Stepped Down in June 2018)