Singapore 27th March 2020- Khun Thai Tea Global Pte Ltd, the Global franchise rights and distribution channel for Asia leading Thai beverage will continue its global expansion plan to open new outlets in Johor Malaysia and Jakarta Indonesia.

With the tension of COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted the global economy, many businesses, especially in Food and Beverage industry, are severely impacted as many countries have since implemented lockdown in the effort to contain the Corona Virus and stop it’s widespread.

Mr. Jeremy Lee, co-founder of Khun Thai Tea said: We do understand that there might be an economic downturn during the current Covid19 situation globally but we also see the potential growth of the brand for we believe in providing healthy drinks and snacks to our customers.

Mr. Damien Low, Global Operation Manager of Khun Thai Tea added: It may be a fact that the COVID-19 virus has caused governments to take extreme measures such as shutting down of entertainment venues and social distancing. But I personally believed that once the pandemic is over, Business will flourish again as people will want to resume back their social life and patron the shopping malls more than ever.

Khun Thai Tea Vs Covid-19

Economical prospective
According to the financial report of the Global Bubble Tea market, the bubble tea industry has a market value of $1,957 Million in US dollars since the year 2016. Which many analysts have projected the market to reach more than $3,ooo Million mark by the year 2023.

Despite the current Coronavirus situation which may trigger the global recession, many economists has forecast the global economic growth with confidence to hit 1.6% in 2020 and even further 3.2% in 2021.

This led to our strong belief that Khun Thai Tea will not only survive the crisis but even thrived to be more successful, not only in our Business expansion on the global scale but towards our commitment to serving healthier drinks and a unique Thai Tea experience to our customers

Medical prospective
Despite the recent fake news that corresponds to how the late Dr. Li Wenliang’s medical case files have revealed on the possibilities of tea drinking to cure coronavirus. There are proven facts in medical history which show that by drinking Thai tea on a regular basis.

One could benefit from its herbal properties such as antioxidants to increase the metabolism for weight loss, reducing inflammation and food allergy. Plus, the positive effects in managing stress and even increase the immune system which is vital to “fight” the coronavirus and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With Current expansion in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, Khun Thai Tea Global is still seeking investors who have a strong interest in startup their own F&B business with Khun Thai Tea and tap in this potential market of Thai Tea Business on the global scale.

Interested individuals can refer to this link: or contact Mr. Jeremy Lee via email at [email protected] for more information.