• New Fruity Series with Stevia Leaves Natural Sweetener
  • Therapeutic Milk Used in replace of regular Condense and Evaporated Milk.

Singapore 21st November 2019- Khun Thai Tea Global Ptd Ltd, the Global franchise rights and distribution channel for Asia leading Thai beverage announces its action to go along the healthy route due to the rising trends of diabetic patients in the world.

Based on a recent report in the World Health Organization, the number of people with diabetes has a significant increase over the years by the millions and this is due to the lifestyle and diet introduced in our society today.

Mr Jeremy Lee, co founder of Khun Thai Tea said; Bubble tea is a growing trend now in 2019 an its the next billion dollar industry due to the demands from the consumer who favours the richness of bubble tea. Many brands try to go healthy by using brown sugar or other alternates but none of them have introduce this stevia leaf into their beverage.

Mr Jeremy added; we all love to drink milk tea and diabetic patients should not be deprived from this luxury as well. Going healthy has always been in the mission for Khun Thai Tea and what better way is to a healthier choice where customers who are diabetic can still enjoy a cup of thai milk tea.

Khun Thai Tea being the choice for thai milk tea offers a wide variety of options for our customers and also diabetic patients in its new fruity series with stevia leaf and therapeutic milk in replacement of the regular condense and evaporated milk which is high in sugar content.

A 2016 study reported that dried stevia leaf powder significantly lowered blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, both while fasting and after eating. … Other research from 2015 found that no alternative sweeteners such as stevia had antioxidant potential and significantly lowered blood sugar levels in mice.

Khun Thai Tea fruity Series and Diabeties Choice drinks will be available in all stores currently in Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia from December 2019 onwards.

A Brief History of Khun Thai Tea

Khun Thai Tea’s signature ice black tea recipe first began life at a humble push cart on the streets of Bangkok. Named “Cha-yen” in Thai, the recipe was first created in 1955 by Auntie Marlee, the proprietress of the push cart, who restricted its knowledge to her family. The cart was located at Sukamvit Sol 11, a street which has earned a reputation as a famous dining and nightlife destination.

Over the next 61 years, the push cart made a name for itself too as the expats, revellers, tourists and Thai locals who converged on the location in search of the many bars, restaurants and clubs lining either side of the street stumbled across the its refreshing secret.

However, as Auntie Marlee was getting on in her years, she began searching for successors to carry on her ice black tea legacy. In 2016, SM Mall of Asia, located in Manila, Philippines, became home to the first food and beverage outlet in the world outside of Bangkok to reproduce her recipe under the auspices of Khun Thai Tea Shop Philippines.

As of today, Khun Thai Tea is now in Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia and is one of the fastest growing beverage store brands.

Khun Thai Tea is a registered trademark. Visit Khunthaitea.com for more information about Khun Thai Tea, Thailand’s most authentic overseas ‘Cha-Yen’ Thai ice black tea!

Individuals interested in stepping into the F&B foodservice industry can visit the official website where they can express their interest via a franchise application form, or contact Mr. Lee via email at [email protected].

Contact Information

Jeremy Lee PH

Founder, Khun Thai Tea Global Pte Ltd (Singapore)
 [email protected]