• Amelia Fransisca appointed as Indonesia Master Franchiser
  • Franchiser to focus on Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi areas; spur local employment
  • Potential franchisees encouraged to apply due to unique products and business model

Singapore, 4th April 2019 – The Indonesian Franchise rights for Khun Thai Tea have been transferred to Ms. Amelia Fransisca, upon her appointment as master franchise holder for the country, said Mr. Jeremy Lee, founder of Khun Thai Tea Global Pte Ltd, which holds the global rights.

An entrepreneur who is passionate about warm service and the food and beverage industry, Ms. Fransisca lists a 10-year tenure in the food service industry amongst her many qualifications, which include a master’s degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from Bournemouth University, England, as well as managerial positions at Warung Pasta, Kelapa Gading, and the 5-star hotel, Pullman Bali Legian Beach.

Khun Thai Tea: the Franchise of Choice

Ms. Fransisca said one of the reasons she chose Khun Thai Tea as the brand to bring her entrepreneurship dreams to life in Indonesia is its novel, fresh taste despite its low sugar content compared to other competitors. She said that this is amidst trending consumer demand in Indonesia for original tea and healthier beverage options, indicating that “This brand will be huge as an option for fresh tea and healthier choices.”

She was also drawn to Khun Thai Tea because of the strong support shown by global rights holder Khun Thai Tea Global pte ltd(Singapore), which inspires confidence. “I believe the brand will also become more recognisable to our people (especially amongst young people) because it is introduced and organised by a great team and a great plan,” said Ms. Fransisca.

Hot spots to come for Khun Thai Tea in Indonesia

Indonesia is already home to four Khun Thai Tea outlets – three in Jakarta and one in Bali. Ms. Fransisca plans to spur growth by focussing her efforts in Indonesia’s cities and sub-urban areas, with special care given to the Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi areas, where she says new outlets will help the brand gain more recognition.

The increased visibility will not only be good for the franchise – another important dream Ms. Fransisca is hoping to accomplish is open up more employment and business opportunities for local Indonesians.

Ms Fransisca added that she is also choosing to open in these areas first due to local consumers’ strong buying power, range of food and beverage choices and exposure to product innovation. They are also well-positioned in terms of proximity, allowing closer supervision of procedures, services, and product quality, said Ms. Fransisca.

Of course, a key component of growing a franchise involves the ability to attract new franchisee applicants. The new master franchise holder has some encouraging words for would-be entrepreneurs, who like herself, are thinking of joining the Khun Thai Tea family.

A sound, sustainable business model

“The food and beverage business still has lots of room to develop and innovate nowadays, especially in Indonesia. That is why F&B is a good business.” she pointed out. Besides, she said, selling drinks is also simpler, and delivers good margins for comparatively average business costs. With these in mind, “compared to starting up a new business, it is also safer to choose a franchise.”

Desirable and delicious products

Ms. Fransisca also wants to highlight the desirability of Khun Thai Tea products. “According to recent research conducted through social media in Indonesia, a glass of milk tea with boba is still the number 2 most wanted product on most Indonesians’ must-buy list, after famous chicken dishes called ‘Ayam Geprek’,” said Ms. Fransisca.

Additionally, Khun Thai Tea’s signature black tea contains powerful tea flavours compared to other brands, which have less intense tea flavours and depend instead on milk and sugar to appeal to consumers’ tastebuds.

She added, ”Besides its signature Thai black tea, Khun Thai Tea also offers other good quality products on its wide-ranging menu, such as Ice Bandung and Ice Yuan Yang which are well known in Southeast Asia.”

Solid investment and growth potential

What’s more, said Ms. Fransisca, the brand also has good market growth in the Philippines and Singapore, and will soon be in Malaysia and Vietnam. “The Khun Thai Tea brand has a decent amount of investment potential and is a good business to pass along to your next of kin in future,” said Ms. Fransisca.

Last and most importantly, “You will not walk alone as a franchisee either, because we have a great team working side by side with you,” said Ms. Fransisca. “Our goal is to be successful together by maintaining standards, procedures, training, product knowledge and marketing strategies. Hopefully we will grow stronger together with good sales achievement, good product quality and innovation.”

Hence, “Please join and grow with us.”

Inspired by her words? Visit the official website at www.khunthaitea.com/franchise to fill in an application form and find out how you can start your very own Khun Thai Tea franchise.

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 A Brief History of Khun Thai Tea

Khun Thai Tea’s signature ice black tea recipe first began life at a humble push cart on the streets of Bangkok. Named “Cha-yen” in Thai, the recipe was first created in 1955 by Auntie Marlee, the proprietress of the push cart, who restricted its knowledge to her family. The cart was located at Sukamvit Sol 11, a street which has earned a reputation as a famous dining and nightlife destination.

Over the next 61 years, the push cart made a name for itself too as the expats, revellers, tourists and Thai locals who converged on the location in search of the many bars, restaurants and clubs lining either side of the street stumbled across the its refreshing secret.

However, as Auntie Marlee was getting on in her years, she began searching for successors to carry on her ice black tea legacy. In 2016, SM Mall of Asia, located in Manila, Philippines, became home to the first food and beverage outlet in the world outside of Bangkok to reproduce her recipe under the auspices of Khun Thai Tea Shop Philippines.

As of today, Khun Thai Tea is now in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and is one of the fastest growing beverage store brands.

Major Milestones:

15 January 2019: New outlet opens at Blok M Square in South Jakarta

15 November 2018: First Bali outlet opens at Discovery Shopping Mall, Bali, Indonesia.

2 August 2018: New Indonesian outlet opens at Thamrin City, Central Jakarta.

26 July 2018:   New outlet opens at Robinsons Place Tuguegarao, Philippines.

3 June 2018:   Second outlet in Indonesia opens for business at Mangga Dua Mall, Jl. Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta.

6 June 2018:   1st Singapore outlet opens at Basement 1 of Century Square, Tampines, Singapore.

5 June 2018:   Ms. Elis Chai steps down from position as Managing Partner of Khun Thai Tea Global Master Franchise Program at Khun Thai Tea LLP; all rights and franchisees reassigned to Khun Thai Tea Global pte ltd (Singapore) with immediate effect.

9 March 2018:   Exclusive 10-year Indonesian Master Franchise deal inked; the first Indonesian outlet officially opens at Ambassador Mall, 4th Floor Unit Counter 23, JI.Prof.DR.Satrio, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

14 December 2017:  New outlet opens at SM Center Las Piñas Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona, Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines.

25 January 2017:  SM Megamall Manila outlet opened, the third in the Philippines.

30 September 2016: Second outlet in the Philippines launched at Star City Amusement Park, Star Parks Corporation Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

June 2016: First Khun Thai Tea outlet opens at SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines.

Circa 1955:  Secret recipe for Thai ice black tea first perfected and sold at Auntie Marlee’s pushcart at Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand.


About Khun Thai Tea Global Pte Ltd

Khun Thai Tea Global Pte Ltd holds global franchise rights for Khun Thai Tea, a recognised premium franchised Thai Ice Black Tea brand. The company aims to bring the authentic taste of traditional Thai iced-tea, made from Auntie Marlee’s closely-guarded 64 year old secret family recipe, to cities all around the world, beginning with Asia.

Khun Thai Tea is a registered trademark. Visit Khunthaitea.com for more information about Khun Thai Tea, Thailand’s most authentic overseas ‘Cha-Yen’ Thai ice black tea!

Individuals interested in stepping into the F&B foodservice industry can visit the official website where they can express their interest via a franchise application form, or contact Mr. Lee via email at [email protected].


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