Khun Thai Tea, known for its successful line of milk teas in the Philippines has announced that they are expanding again! This time around with an opening at Paranaque City Metro Manila.

Khun Thai Tea is a well-known brand in Asia for its delicious and high-quality drinks. This year, the company will be opening many new cafes that provide customers with authentic Thailand flavors they love! One drink especially popular among Sukhumvit Soi 11 visitors was “Ice Black Tea,” drawn from Auntie Marlee’s original recipe; it’s brewed using specially imported leaves from Chiang Rai – which gives you an accurate taste as opposed to other brands that use cheaper materials or add flavorings like flowers

Jeremy Lee, the Managing Director and founder of Khun Thai Tea Global said that expansion in the Philippines will be best for all as more stores are opened up by 2023 looking at places like Mandaluyong City or BGC.

Khun Thai Tea has been able to withstand the pandemic and prices will continue as normal because it believes in quality.

When the founder of Khun Thai Tea, Mr. Jeremy Lee saw an opportunity to grow his business he took it without hesitation. The current economic crisis is not slowing down this determination as there are many opportunities that can be taken during these times when company owners might find themselves counting on expansion for success! He plans on expanding into other countries and cities which will allow them to reach out even further with quality products tailored just right according to what customers want most in their taste buds at any given moment – whether they’re looking specifically for something light or heavy weight depending upon how much caffeine feels good surrounds our world today!.

The signs of recovery are beginning to show in Khun Thai Tea Global’s output. With operations director Damien Low predicting that 2022 and 2023 will be better years for all, he has announced plans on giving out limited royalty franchise rights with the opportunity of expanding into other countries or states within Southern West Malaysia Johor (including Singapore), Metro Manila Philippines; these include southern China too!