Khun Thai Tea To Open 3rd Kiosk In Manila, Philippines at MegaMall

Authentic Thai iced-tea made from a recipe that harks back to 1955 soon to be one mall closer to Metro Manilans! Introducing of new flavour of Ice Bandung at only ₱40, Thailicious Cha-Yen at only ₱70, and Fusion Ice Yuan Yang at ₱95!

Manila, Philippines, 27 October, 2016 – The best milk tea in Thailand now in Manila, Khun Thai Tea Shop, will soon be available at three different locations in Metro Manila, with the opening of the chain’s 3rd kiosk at MegaMall Manila.

Located in the heart of the Ortigas business district in Metro Manila, Khun Thai Tea co-founder Mr. Jeremy Lee said the latest kiosk’s location was chosen for its proximity to the busy central district, as well as it being the second largest shopping centre in the country.

The 1st kiosk at Mall of Asia Manila, second kiosk at StarCity Manila, and the 3rd kiosk at MegaMall Manila continues Khun Thai Tea’s plans to expand its franchise across Manila, said Mr. Lee, with the aim of bringing its signature Thai iced tea recipe to every mall (#MallNearYou) in this city.

SM Megamall’s kiosk opening will be accompanied by the introduction of a new flavour of Khun Thai Tea, “Ice Bandung”, sold at the wallet-friendly price of only ₱40.

Its Thailicious Cha-Yen will also be sold at a promotional price of only ₱70, and will be offering Fusion Ice Yuan Yang for a limited time at ₱95. These promotions and the new flavour, said Mr. Lee, will be available at all three outlets.

The outlets are the result of a collaboration between Bronze Media LLP Singapore founders, Mr. Jeremy Lee and Ms. Elis Chai, and Filipino local Ms. Nancy Padilla.

Khun Thai Tea: A Taste of Thailand, Inspired by Asia

According to Ms. Padilla, the chain’s drinks are based on an original recipe for a refreshing black iced-tea (‘cha-yen’ in Thai) that dates back to 1955.

First created by a Thai native fondly known as Auntie Marlee, the strongly brewed ceylon tea has since been modernized with a switch from ceylon to a Thai-grown assam tea known as ‘Bai Miang’. Infusion with spices maintains the headiness of the original recipe and bring out its complex flavours.

The traditional sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk-heavy Cha-Yen recipe has also been updated to better suit the tastes of modern health-conscious consumers.

In addition to the original recipe, Ms. Padilla added, Khun Thai Tea outlets also offer variations of the concoction inspired by drink recipes from around Asia, such as a mix of coffee and tea (‘Yuan Yang’), which was first brewed in Hong Kong.

Drawing inspiration from Taiwanese bubble milk tea recipes, Khun Thai Tea also comes with small chewy tapioca balls (‘boba’, or bubbles) added, to infuse new textures and experiences to the drink.

The newest menu item, Ice Bandung, is inspired by the original popular Malaysian beverage recipe which combines the alluring taste of rose syrup with the velvety smoothness of milk.

Khun Thai Tea: Soon Available At A #MallNearYou

There will be more kiosks in Metro Manila to come, according to Mr. Lee. Khun Thai Tea has only been in the Philippines for three months, but is already opening its third outlet. The opening of one new counter per month puts it on target to achieving its goal of having a Khun Thai Tea counter at a every #MallNearYou.

But the company not just actively looking for local Filipino franchisees who are interested in opening their own Khun Thai Tea kiosks; it has its eyes set outside the Philippines as well. “We are going to take Khun Thai Tea to Jakarta in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Taipei in Taiwan,” said Mr. Lee, and plans to start outlets in these cities are already underway.

Meanwhile, drop by Star City Amusement Park, the Mall of Asia, or Megamall, if you are in Manila, for your fix of authentic Thai tea cha-yen. Or, visit for more information about Khun Thai Tea, Thailand’s most authentic overseas ‘Cha-Yen’ iced-tea!


About Khun Thai Tea

Khun Thai Tea is a recognized premium franchised Thai Ice Tea company in the Philippines. The brand aims to bring the authentic taste of traditional Thai iced-tea, made from Auntie Marlee’s closely- guarded 61 year old secret family recipe, to cities all around the world, beginning with Asia.