Despite the pandemic outbreak of the Covid-19. Khun Thai Tea has gone ahead with its plans in opening it first kiosk in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The first kiosk in Johor Bahru is located in KSL City Mall at the ground Level. The date of the opening of the store will be on this Thursday, 16th July 2020.

Founder of Khun Thai Tea, Mr. Jeremy Lee said that this is the right opportunity to have the store open despite the current economic situation as this is an opportunity where business owners can really rely on.

Khun Thai Tea KSL City Mall is managed by Ms. Yong who is a partner at Khun Thai Tea Global, Singapore and it’s a direct asset of Khun Thai Tea Global Singapore and Khun Thai Tea Malaysia. Ms Yong added; we are looking forward to the opening in Malaysia for we have received several responses for us to be in Malaysia to serve the authentic Thai tea of Auntie Marlee recipe.

In the initial phrase it Khun Thai Tea will only be selling beverages and in the later part of the year they will be introducing the snacks menu of Khun Thai Tea Eats. Patrons can expect to savor the popular beverages like Purple Thai Milk and Ice Freeze Mint, Ice Black Tea and Ice Milk Tea which are all time best sellers in all of Khun Thai Tea.

As part of the expansion plan of Khun Thai Tea Global, Mr. Jeremy Lee is looking of expansion to others states in Malaysia and also in the current countries where Khun Thai Tea is within the months ahead once international borders are open.