The news above also coincides with an announcement from Khun Thai Tea’s global franchise management: Ms. Elis Chai is stepping down from her position as Managing Partner, leaving Mr. Jeremy Lee to solely take over the reins as Head of the Global Franchise Program.

The transition was made smoothly, and Mr. Lee says worldwide search operations for individual country franchisees and regional master franchisers will continue unaffected.

What’s Coming To A Mall Near You

Auntie Marlee’s original cha-yen recipe originally called for a strongly brewed ceylon tea. It has since been modernized with a switch from ceylon to a Thai-grown assam tea known as ‘Bai Miang’. Infusion with spices maintains the headiness of the original recipe to bring out its complex flavours, while its traditional sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk-heavy recipe has been updated to better suit the tastes of modern health-conscious consumers.

In addition to Auntie Marlee’s secret-recipe Thai ice black tea, the menu also features variations of popular Western beverages like Ice Cappuccino and Ice Mocha, spiced with a twist of Thai culinary culture.

Not only that, the menu also features items inspired by drink recipes from around the region, such as a mix of coffee and tea (‘Yuan Yang’), which was first brewed in Hong Kong; ‘Ice Bandung’, inspired by the original popular Malaysian beverage recipe that combines the alluring taste of rose syrup with the velvety smoothness of milk; and the bubble-tea-inspired Thai Milk Tea, which comes with the option of adding Taiwanese-style boba (small chewy tapioca balls) to your order.

The menu offerings in selected kiosks also include Khun Thai Tea Eats, featuring snacks unique to Khun Thai Tea like Thai Tea Toast, as well as a range of authentic Thai recipes such as Thai Basil Rice, Thai Flying Saucer and Thai Roasted Chicken Rice.

Tap Into The Thai Tea Trend

Global foodservice is expected to grow over the next five years, with the bulk of growth to remain in Asia where chained penetration remains low, said Mr. Lee. Khun Thai Tea intends to expand its presence in emerging markets by opening more local branches via the franchise business model, amidst a market of maturing economies and growing room for expansion by global chains.

He added, “Khun Thai Tea ticks all the right boxes for expansion in the global business environment, with its novel Asian menu, take-and-go format, generous serving sizes, affordable pricing, and low start-up costs.”

To ramp up expansion, Khun Thai Tea is actively looking for global and local franchisees who are interested in cashing in on the Thai tea trend, said Mr. Lee.  The search is not just in the Philippines, but across the world, and especially in the newly master-franchised Indonesia and now in Singapore.

Successful applicants would have at least 3 years of experience managing a business with at least 2 employees, possess enough capital to make the initial deposit, continue franchise payments and support the business for at least 12 months, and of course, possess basic cooking skills.

Individuals interested in starting their own branded F&B foodservice business can contact Mr. Lee via email at [email protected] to explore franchise opportunities.